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The Fifth OLIS-SUFE 2012 Chinese Seminar Held in Tokyo
      From May 24, 2012 to May 29th, the Oriental Life Insurance Cultural Development Center, OLICD)and International Professional Education Institute, SUFE jointly organized the OLIS-SUFE Chinese seminar in Tokyo, Japan with the theme of "Life Insurance Marketing Challenges". This training session of 8 days saw 25 participants from 6 insurance companies, the Hongkong and Taiwan insurance regulatory departments, Hongkong and Taiwan Insurance Association and 1 university.
      The seminar heard lectures by experts from 7 Japanese insurance industry and regulatory authorities on "Life Insurance Marketing Challenges" involving the present Japanese life insurance industry, impacts from disasters on life insurance companies, management of bankruptcy life insurance and social measures to deal with the aging population of the low birth-rate society, etc. The participants had warm and in-depth discussions around these topics and have obtained relatively comprehensive understanding on current Japanese economy and insurance development as well as the Japanese insurance industry problems, regulation of bankrupt companies, diversified marketing channels.
      The Japanese insurance industry measures and practices are highly recognized by the participants and are helpful to the future development of the Chinese insurance industry. Furthermore the participants from different insurance companies and regulatory agencies of the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong exchanged their views according to the characteristics of their own business and the perplexity in their discussions. It is believed that this study will help the participants a lot in their future work.

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£¨Í¼¶þ£©Picture 2£ºAll participants of the Seminar

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