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GLMP Settled in IIPE, Sufe
    On October 25, 2011, "Sino-US (Shanghai) GLM & Supply Chain Talent Development Seminar" jointly organized by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Sufe,) the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L), China International Talent Exchange Foundation (CITEF) and China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA) was held at the International Institute for Professional Education (IIPE), Sufe.
    Cooperating with CITEF in December 2010, AST&L started introducing its Global Logistics Management Program (GLM) into China, and authorized IIPE to be responsible for the GLM events in Shanghai and Changjiang delta area. GLM aims at developing the next-generation workforce for the logistics industry, establishing a platform for future career advancement and providing more chances of internship, training and jobs abroad for professionals in the industry. Representatives from well-known logistics organizations in Shanghai, industrial associations as well as students majoring in logistics and professors attended the seminar. Three representatives from the organizers gave lectures on the topic "International Logistics and professional talent demand". This is the first event organized by GLM Shanghai Branch in 2011, marking the official launch of GLM program in Shanghai.
    The quests attending the seminar benefited a lot from its new form and excellent speeches. The participants asked many questions and exchanged views during the seminar, which put up a bridge between the logistics businesses and higher educational organizations in the field of training international logistics talents. The introduction of GLM in Shanghai further prompts the development of GLM program in the whole country, which will, by helping to boom the Chinese logistics industry, build a platform for the Chinese logistics professionals to learn more about the advanced international logistics management experience and technology.








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