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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Shanghai University of Finance £¦ Economics (SUFE) evolves from Shanghai University of Commerce which was based upon the Commerce Program of Southeast University in Nanjing, and relocated from Nanjing to Shanghai. Then-named School of Commerce of Central University, it experienced 18 years of development after it become independent of its parent university. After the founding of the P. R. China, our university, then-renamed Shanghai College of Finance £¦ Economics, took various challenges and boomed in the surge of China`s reform and opening-up as well as the modernization drive. The history of SUFE can be traced back to the Commerce Program of Nanjing Advanced Normal School, which was established in the autumn of 1917.

Thanks to the pioneering efforts for generations, SUFE has developed into a multidisciplinary university that focuses on economics and management, maintains a coordinated development of economics, management, law, humanities, and sciences. The university is widely recognized as a source of numerous financial and economic talents who contribute to China¡¯s economic and social development. Among school of higher learning on finance and economics, SUFE was the first to confer doctorate degrees (in 1981), and also one of the first university to set up post-doctorate mobile station on social sciences (economics). In 1996, SUFE was listed as one of China`s ¡°211 Project¡± key universities. In 2000, the jurisdiction of the university was transferred from Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Education, and it successfully passed the evaluation procedures by the Ministry of Education for excellent undergraduate teaching. In 2007, SUFE entered the list of top-ranking university on the state level.

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