Executive Training

Executive Training

Training Program for Yunnan National State Grid Corporation in UK

A group of 10 auditors from Yunnan National State Grid Corporation had a 14-day training session in UK sponsored by SUFE and Manchester Business School, during which they had lectures from Professor Mahbub Zaman and visited Uniac and RSM Tenon. All the auditors felt satisfied with the classes and site visits in UK and deeply impressed by the rigorous scholarship and hospitality of MBS. From this training session, the local auditors had an understanding of first step to the UK auditing system and practices, and when they came back they expressed their appreciation and sincere willingness to have similar training programs with SUFE in other countries in the years to come.

Face-to-Face Insurance Training Programme in UK and France

Led by Professor Qian Shuping, Associate Dean of SCE, SUFE, a group of 7 members attended the face-to-face insurance training sessions sponsored by CII UK and Demos France from August 25 – September 2. Executives from the Pacific Insurance Company limited (CPIC) and Taikang Life Insurance Company Limited were greatly impressed by Demos Professor Martelliere’s lecture on an analysis of the French life insurance market, and paid a visit to AON, France. In UK, the group had a class in CII’s training centre in Fenchurch House, London, visited CII headquarter and the Lloyd’s. All these activities have got favorable comments from the members of the group who have gained some knowledge of the life insurance markets in France and UK, which may provide them with fruitful new insight into the Chinese insurance market.

OLIS-SUFE Chinese Programme (Japan)

Every year Oriental Life Insurance Cultural Development Center (OLICD Center), Japan organizes OLIS-SUFE Chinese seminar. OLICD Center is a non-profit organization established in 1967 in purpose of promoting the insurance industry in Asia. From 2007 to 2010 OLICD has organized 4 OLIS-SUFE Chinese seminars in Tokyo and over 3900 people from insurance industry, among whom more than 150 executives and experts were from 20 Chinese insurance companies and universities.

SUFE-Seneca­-St. John’s Programme

In 2010 a seminar entitled “Life Insurance Industry Risk Management and Regulation in the North America after the Financial Crisis” was held in St. John\'s University, New York and Seneca College, Canada in cooperation with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, aiming to help executives from Chinese insurance organizations learn more about the traditional and new ways of selling in US and Canada as well as the influence of the financial crisis on the life insurance and regulation in the American and Canadian insurance development. In October 2011 another seminar will be held.


SUFE-ANZIIF ((Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance) Programme

A seminar entitled “Australian Life Insurance Market in General and New Product Development” will be held in Australia and New Zealand this year. Lectures are to be given by senior Insurance people to introduce the present situation and product development of Australian and New Zealand insurance markets. Executives from Chinese insurance organizations will have a chance to learn more about the insurance industry of the two countries and to have a visit to different insurance organizations.

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