Training Center

Training Center

The Training Centre of the School of Continuing Education is a specialized agency for continuing education under the control of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE). In the recent years, the center has won an excellent reputation by educating and training millions of high-quality technical personnel based on SUFE’s sufficient academic and teaching resources. By leveraging on our university’s pool of academia and innovative learning resources and guided by the principle of “advancing with the times and pursuing excellence”, we follow the international and domestic trend for continuing education and develop an array of programs for non-curricula education so as to implement the strategy of “building up the strength of the country with talented people and invigorating Shanghai through science and education”. Now we are working hard to take the lead in achieving education modernization in Shanghai and in turning out talented people with comprehensive strength and competitiveness in different segments of society by developing a learning environment in which everyone has an opportunity of learning and being given life-long education at different stages.

At present, we offer following training programs:

1. Customized training programs for business organizations and institutions

Offer tailor-made, short-term and long-term training programs for business organizations and institutions to meet their unique needs for competent personnel so as to help these organizations with their self-improvement, communication and collaboration

2. Training classes for professional development

Offer classes for professional certificates such as finance, economics and business administration to help students become more competent and have a better career development and personal enrichment

3. Training classes for academic credentials

Offer classes of various characteristics to satisfy the diversified demands of students before or after they gain a diploma or attain a degree.

We stand firm that “with people-oriented, we thrive and deliver excellent service to all our customers of the society”.

We are confident that “success comes from long-term efforts and endless innovation”.

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