Diploma Education Department

Diploma Education Department

The Diploma Education Department is undertaking evening college and correspondence courses with a total number of students of 8,801.

he evening college education on campus now has 109 classes of a variety of learning forms and there are other teaching schools in Putuo, Pudong, Jiading and Qingpu districts of Shanghai with 6,556 students. Now we have, for undergraduate students and students with the diploma of junior college to obtain the undergraduate diploma, majors of Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Insurance, Investment and Logistic. We also offer majors for junior college students of Accounting, International Finance, International Trade and Practice and Business Administration. The correspondence education now has 6 regional tutorial services in Jiangyin, Wujiang, Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Jiangxi with 2,245 undergraduate students and students with the diploma of junior college to obtain the undergraduate diploma of Accounting major.

In the recent years, with the establishment and improvement of essential rules and regulations, the teaching management is institutionalized and informationized by using new teaching management software. At the beginning and in the middle of  every semester we supervise the implementation of instructional program so that we can solve the problems arising in the teaching process and achieve the standardization of teaching in the classrooms. Furthermore we have been keeping a record for teachers who give classes and instruct students how to write thesis to guaranty the quality of our teaching troops and have created a well-known brand in Shanghai by exerting influence in the field of adult education all over the country. With all the effort in the last few years we have succeeded in achieving the highest passing marks of the universities of finance and economics in Shanghai for admission in the enrollment of the university and college for adult students.

The Curricula Education Department has the Academic Affairs Office and the Student Identity Section. The vice dean of the School of Continuing Education doubles as the director of the curricula department and the two vice directors are in charge of the work concerning academic affairs and student identity. Now the department has 13 staff doing the managerial work.

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